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Tirat Hacarmel

Cohen Neighborhood 

Gut Renovation Project

Project: Mikveh Tirat Hacarmel
Location: Tirat Hacarmel, Israel

Architect: Bat-el Levi
Interior Design: Bat-el Levi
Furniture Design: Bat-el Levi


Project Size: 1100 SF

Status: Completed 2024

batel-ed-M.tirat-hacrmel (34).jpg

BLDesign has been at the forefront of architectural design for years, and we consider ourselves experts in the field. One area that we specialize in is Mikveh design, where we bring together our knowledge of history, tradition, and modern design to create spaces of peace and reflection. Take a look at our latest projects and learn how we can bring your vision to life.

The Mikvah Pool Room 

The Bridal Room 

The Mikvah Preparation Rooms 

Millwork and Art work